ELLA for Microsoft Outlook

ELLA for Microsoft Outlook 1.7

Ella for Spam Control is the ultimate email assistant

Ella for Spam Control is the ultimate email assistant. Its unique adaptive learning technology filters and organizes incoming email messages, so you can regain control of your inbox!
You train Ella in five minutes or less by showing it examples of your messages and in which folder you want it to put similar messages as they arrive. Ella analyzes over 100 attributes of each message, looking for related patterns. Based on this sophisticated "associative memory" model, it determines how to sort your incoming messages. Ella continues to learn and adapt to your needs as it processes more email. Ella gets smarter over time - so smart that many customers report accuracy rates approaching 100%.
You're in complete control. It's you, not someone else, who decides how you want Ella for Spam Control to organize your inbox. You name the Ella review folders and training buttons. And Ella for Spam Control works for you, sorting spam as if reading your mind. Ella even sorts messages so that newsletters and other periodic messages are placed in a special folder for reading later. Your most important mail stays in your inbox, your newsletters can be read later, and spam is shunted off to a review folder just in case you want to check before deleting it.

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